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Customer Service Director

Answer to the CEO and support a dynamic sales team!

This growing Ashtabula County company is ready to develop this position in its organization.

Lead a team of 5 representatives to deliver White Glove customer experiences to long-time clients and new customers.

Develop policies/procedures for practice, coach team mates, develop training, communicate with all levels and departments in the organization.

Skills required: Effective written and verbal communication, dealing constructively with conflict, interpreting data as it becomes available, supervising/training/evaluating employees, planning and directing varied and complex administrative operations.

Education/experience: Possess Bachelor's degree or equivalent with major course work in business, accounting, management or other related fields; 10 year customer service/management experience, including business administration, budget oversight and accustomed to generating reports; Minimum at least 6 years in manufacturing customer service.

Resumes to immediately!

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